The Samoa Seepferdchen Online Store

Your stay on Sylt ends, the train gently rolls over the Hindenburgdamm and before it reaches the mainland, you look outside the window at the seemingly endless Wadden Sea, melancholicallythinking of the great times you had at Samoa Seepferdchen...

Well, how about bringing the Seepferdchen spirit back home? Check out our Samoa Seepferdchen online store!

With our various top quality products, you can carry the Seepferdchen spirit from the island into the world, dreaming yourself back to dune paradise. Many of you already know the iconic Samoa Seepferdchen candlesticks in our restaurant. They are produced in a traditional artisan store here in Schleswig-Holstein – manufactured from premium steel and only available in small numbers.

The same goes for our very popular Samoa Seepferdchen plates. We receive them from a talented northern German family pottery and each plate is a unique and carefully crafted piece of art. Are you a fashionista? Then you definitely have to check out our Samoa Seepferdchen fan gear: stylish hoodies, t-shirts, caps and hats – you will find what you need.

Over time, we will gradually extend our offer and we always appreciate your feedback and ideas.

Discover our online store now!